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Cultured meat related Q&A

What is cultured meat?

Cultured meat is a new way of meat production, by which animal cells are cultured to produce edible meat through vitro culture and biological manufacturing, based on growth law of meat in an animal body. Simply speaking, Eating Pork Without Raising Pigs .

How to produce cultured meat?

Answer: First, extract cell tissues from animals and isolate stem cells; conduct culture with a bioreactor to achieve mass proliferation; start mass production of muscle tissues with differentiation molds, bioreactors or 3D printers; finally, use food processing technologies to make cultured meat products.

What are environmental benefits of cultured meat compared with meat provided by animal husbandry?

Answer: As estimated, compared with the traditional animal husbandry production mode, cultured meat can reduce 7%~45% of energy consumption, 78%~96% of greenhouse gas emissions, 99% of land use and 82%~96% of water consumption, etc. Moreover, cultured meat is more nutritious, healthier and safer due to industrial production in the whole process, great decrease in use of antibiotics and avoidance of animal epidemics, etc. In addition, cultured meat can solve the problem of meat supply under extreme conditions. Furthermore, cultured meat can be customized.