Establishment circumstance
Birth of the China’s first cultured meat
Eating Pork Without Raising Pigs.
Make meat healthier, safer and more sustainable
  • Establishment circumstance
  • Vision
  • Mission

To find a new way of meat production better for
the world, humans, and animals,

we started studying cultured meat from 2009.

In 2009

the research on cultivated meat technology was initiated at Nanjing Agricultural University.

In November 2019

Professor Zhou Guanghong’s team developed China’s first piece of cultivated meat

In December 2019

Joes Future Food was officially established.
It is located in the national agricultural hi-tech industry demonstration area, which is one of first batch of such demonstration areas in China and the unique one in the Yangtze River Delta region.

In June 2020

China’s 1st Cultivated Meat Foretaste Ceremony was held in National Meat Center of Nanjing Agricultural University

In December 2020

Joes Future Food obtained 20 million yuan angel investment from Matrix Partners China

In October 2021

Joes Future Food completed Round A financing and obtained investment totaling to 70 million yuan

In June 2022
the 2nd Cultivated Meat Products Foretaste Ceremony & Technology Press Conference was held. A series of products, including China’s first piece of cultivated meat, were displayed in the conference.

We are looking forward to more and more milestones.

It is expected that in the near future, cultured meat will become another meat option for consumers and a supplement to high-quality meat protein market.


Technical team
Professor Zhou Guanghong

Ph. D. Student Advisor and Professor of Nanjing Agricultural University, IAFoST Fellow and IFT Fellow, Chairman of ISO/TC34/SC6 and Former President of Nanjing Agricultural University. As an academic leader of meat processing in China, Professor Zhou has been engaged in the research of meat processing and nutrition, cultivated meat theory and engineering technology for a long time.

  • Innovation and Application of Key Technologies and Equipment for Chilled Meat Quality Control (Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2013; the first author)
  • R&D and Industrial Application of Key Technologies for Quality Control of Meat Flavor and Gel (Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019; the first author)
  • Developed China’s first piece of cultivated meat (November 18, 2019; team leader)
  • Animal Products Processing (double-color edition) (First Prize of 1st National Textbook Development Award in 2021, Chief Editor)
Ph.D. Ding Shijie

Ph.D. Ding Shijie graduated from Maastricht University in the Netherlands, with an inter-disciplinary research background of meat science, cell biology and tissue engineering. Under the instruction of Professor Mark Post, the “father of cultivated meat”, and Professor Zhou Guanghong, an academic leader of meat processing in China, Ph.D. Ding Shijie is the first doctor in the filed of cultivated meat in the world. He has been committed to large-scale production of seed cells and industrial development of cultivated meat for many years.

  • Won the title of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Doctor of Jiangsu Province in 2020
  • Received the Innovation Award in 2021 DBN Science and Technology Award
  • Won the Science and Technology Innovation Award of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology in 2021  - Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology Excellent Paper Award